Sunday, April 29, 2007


Enkhuisen (pronounced Eenk'-house-en) is a relatively small town right on the coast, in the north of Holland. We stayed in the most charming part, circling the harbor, where we suspect the rich people live. Check out the bay and the boats:

Like every other town in the northern part of Holland,
it's veined with beautiful little canals:

There's an incredible park (Snouck van Loosen Park)
that seems to be a place people live, too:

This round building to the left is the source of the incessant bells.
Marnie drew a wonderful sketch of it.

The downtown shopping area was sweet, with bakeries and
cheese shops and dress shops and all the other kind of local shops
you find outside the megashopping US:

Our girls, doing various things:

Lovely Marnie, in the park
And lovely Anna buying an adorable shirt

Unsurprisingly, there were lots of old churches, including this one
with a beautiful mosaic above the door, of fish.
The emblem of Enkhuisen is 3 fishes:

Surprisingly, there was also a small zoo-like place, with wallabies and llamas:

The girls were on a bike ride by themselves, and one took a little tumble off her bike here by the zoo. The other girl pulled her out of the brambles, and at the end, both had arms covered in red bumps. Stinging nettle, I guess. The man tending the wallabies was frantically signing to them, like "you're ok?" When they got home, they said they'd had an adventure, which every trip needs.

Nothing in Enkhuisen is open on Sundays, much to our unprepared surprise, and everything except a few restaurants closes at 5 or 6 pm on the other days of the week. People sit in chairs just outside their front doors, talk with each other, read books, drink a glass of something, or just watch. Curtains are open and doors are open.

We thoroughly loved Enkhuisen. Early morning walks to the harbor, or the bay, or around neighborhoods and canals, or to the bakery. Evening walks to the same places. It was really a perfect place to stay, especially since there's a train every 30 minutes to all the major cities. I miss it already.

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