Sunday, April 29, 2007

A harried start

For some reason, the parking situation at Newark was nuts -- I guess everyone in NJ and NY decided to take a trip at the same time. That was true for take-off, too; see how the planes were stacked up:

I always take a photo of Continental welcoming us:
and a photo of Marc on the plane before we leave:

The sunset over Canada was really beautiful. By this time, we were relaxed and on our way. Marnie had made her long journey and connected with us, we were all together and on our way.

Unusually, we were unable to post while we were on vacation. Not only didn't our rented house have Internet access, the small town we stayed in didn't have an Internet cafe. When we visited cities, we were busy the whole time, so instead of a chronological story, we decided to describe our trip in segments.

Many of the pictures are really great -- double click them so you can see them full-sized. The smaller view in this blog doesn't do them justice. If you want to see them all at once (including lots that aren't posted in this blog), click here for the flickr album.

Photo credits to all of us!

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